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Real-time voice support and translation assistant.
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WiseTalk Voice-Activated AI Assistant is an app developed by AnswerSolutions LLC that unleashes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) intelligence for users.

It combines the advanced ChatGPT AI engine with speech recognition and synthesis engines found in modern phones. The WiseTalk assistant offers real-time assistance, advice, and information on a wide range of topics, sometimes providing better and faster support than a live human.The app aims to make human wisdom, accumulated and processed by AI, accessible to everyone.

It offers features such as talking with a smart and supportive person, acting as a personal tutor for various subjects, improving language skills, retrieving forgotten information, gaining a deep understanding of complex concepts, providing step-by-step instructions, and delivering quick and accurate answers to questions.

Users can expand their knowledge by asking the WiseTalk Assistant, powered by ChatGPT, as it can educate on endless topics and address almost any question.The app also includes a voice translator that allows seamless communication between individuals speaking different languages, breaking down language barriers and promoting understanding.Key features of WiseTalk include voice-based AI interactions, real-time assistance, local speech processing prioritizing user privacy, reliable connectivity even in areas with poor internet connections, multilingual support, customizable AI roles, conversation history, and the voice translator.WiseTalk offers a free trial and users can purchase additional tokens for a fee or subscribe to the service for more advanced features.

The app is available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

WiseTalk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time voice support
Translation assistant
Local speech recognition
Offers information on broad topics
Acts as personal tutor
Improves language skills
Provides step-by-step instructions
Delivers quick, accurate answers
Wide educational capability
Voice translator for multiple languages
Prioritizes user privacy
Operates in poor internet connectivity
Multilingual support
Conversation history feature
Free trial offered
Option to purchase additional tokens
App available on both iOS and Android platforms
Packages offered at different pricing tiers
Specialized roles for translators available
Service available worldwide
Dedicated tutorial support
Predicted upcoming feature updates
Conversational continuation from history
Seamless communication in different languages
Breaks down language barriers
Provides text-only data exchange
Real-time advice and support
Retrieval of forgotten information
In-depth explanation of complex concepts
Searchable conversation history
Reliable connectivity in poor internet regions
Highly scalable advanced features
Tokens don't ever expire
Integrated speech-to-text and text-to-speech engines
Privacy-focused local speech processing
Data exchange designed for optimal performance
Each conversation can be resumed
Can be a college professor or school teacher
Allows the potential to learn endless topics
User-friendly intuitive app navigation
Potential for unlimited user-base expansion
Helpful in fostering global understanding
Scalability anticipates continuous growth


Tokens system
In-app purchases needed
Need for good connectivity
Device-based speech processing
Search limited to keywords
Limited roles customization
Unknown data use efficiency
Potential price/token changes
Non-intuitive interface
No offline mode


What is the WiseTalk App?
Who developed the WiseTalk App?
What AI engine does WiseTalk use?
How is WiseTalk superior to human live support?
Can WiseTalk act as a personal tutor?
What kind of questions can WiseTalk answer?
Tell me more about the voice translator in WiseTalk?
How does WiseTalk prioritize user privacy?
How does WiseTalk perform in areas with poor internet connection?
Can WiseTalk recognize and synthesize multiple languages?
Can the AI's response style be customized in WiseTalk?
Is there a record of the conversation history in WiseTalk?
Does WiseTalk offer free trials?
What are the prices for additional token purchases in WiseTalk?
Can I subscribe to WiseTalk for more advanced features?
What are tokens in WiseTalk?
Do purchased tokens in WiseTalk expire?
What platforms is WiseTalk available on?
Are there any upcoming updates for WiseTalk?
How does WiseTalk's voice-activated assistance work?

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