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Enhancing productivity and creativity for writing tasks.
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WizBoard is an AI Keyboard and Chat App that offers seamless integration with various applications and writing workflows. The tool follows a spell-centered design, which means it incorporates AI-powered text transformation tools called "SPELLS" to enhance the user's writing experience.

WizBoard serves as a personal writing assistant that can be accessed anywhere through an input box, aiding users in writing emails, analyzing documents, posting on social media, and more.This app is known for its ultimate productivity features, offering an array of AI-powered tools to boost efficiency and creativity.

It provides access to an extensive spell gallery that covers an unlimited number of scenarios, including translation, travel planning, and many other applications.Users can also create and edit custom spells using advanced features like parameterization and example messages.

WizBoard supports multi-format message rendering, allowing users to utilize markdown, code highlighting, and inline LaTeX rendering for a more visually appealing output.Furthermore, WizBoard enables data synchronization across multiple devices through iCloud sync.

The tool offers various subscription plans, including Pro, Family, and Bring Your Own Keyboard (BYOK) plans, all of which provide a free trial option.Developed by the WizBoard Team, this app ensures privacy with its privacy policy and sets clear terms of use for users' benefit.


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Pros and Cons


Seamless app integration
Spell-centered design
Personal writing assistant
Wide productivity features
Unlimited spell scenarios
Advanced spell editing
Supports multi-format rendering
iCloud sync across devices
Various subscription plans
Free trial availability
Strong privacy policy
Inline LaTeX rendering
Parameterization feature in editing
Boosts efficiency and creativity
Supports code highlighting
Translation application
Supports travel planning
Compatible with various apps
Unlimited spell applications
Supports markdown rendering
Chatbot & Q&A functionality
Custom spell creation
Applicable in email writing
Useful in analyzing documents
Social media content enhancement
Data security with iCloud
Clear terms of use
BYOK plan availability


Limited to iCloud sync
Subscription based
Requires app integration
No desktop version
May overload with features
Lack of offline functions
Spell-centered design specificity
Complicated custom spell creation


What is the WizBoard?
What are the key features of WizBoard?
How does WizBoard enhance my writing experience?
What are 'SPELLS' in WizBoard context?
As a user, how do I access WizBoard for my writing requirements?
How can WizBoard help me in posting on social media?
What makes WizBoard an ultimate productivity tool?
What scenarios are covered in WizBoard's spell gallery?
How can I create and edit custom spells in WizBoard?
What is the purpose of parameterization and example messages in WizBoard?
How does the multi-format message rendering work in WizBoard?
What are the supported formats for message rendering in WizBoard?
How can I synchronize my data across multiple devices using WizBoard?
What subscription plans does WizBoard offer?
What free trial options do I get with WizBoard's subscription plans?
Who developed the WizBoard and why?
How does WizBoard ensure my privacy?
What are the terms of use of WizBoard?
Can I integrate WizBoard into my favorite apps and existing writing workflows?
Is WizBoard able to analyze documents?

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