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Forecasting trends from thorough research and analysis.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that generates comprehensive insights regarding research trends, institutes, countries, journals, and funding bodies. The tool continuously monitors billions of data points to provide actionable insights for decision-making, helping researchers, institutions, publishers, funders, governments, and industry professionals explore the rapidly evolving research landscape. uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms to generate analytics about scientific developments that are the harbingers of our future world, to speed up research in the right direction, further and faster.

With this tool, researchers can determine emerging hot spots and research trends, identify researchers and institutions for collaboration, analyze grant trends to identify potential funders, and visualize their personal research graph of publications, citations, and grants in the context of global emerging trends.

Additionally, institutions can benchmark their research performance against institutions globally, identify eminent researchers for key research projects, and predict emerging research areas to get a head-start and lead their research.

Moreover, publishers can track analytics about their complete publications portfolio including authors, impact, subject areas, and competition, and identify reputable researchers at the forefront of their fields to engage them as authors, reviewers, and editors.

Industry professionals can use to determine emerging research areas, identify researchers, research groups and institutions at the forefront of their field, monitor how their research area is evolving, and identify star researchers to engage, motivate, and recognize them for their contributions. offers a free trial and provides powerful insights about the past, present, and future with the most comprehensive knowledge graph covering the entire universe of research.


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Pros and Cons


Monitors billions of data points
Facilitates decision-making
Clears research landscape
Tracks research trends
Identifies institutions for collaboration
Analyzes grant trends
Turns personal research into visual data
Benchmark research performance
Identifies eminent researchers
Predicts emerging research areas
Tracks publication portfolios
Identifies reputable researchers
Identifies emerging research areas
Identifies leading researchers, research groups
Evaluates funding portfolios
Identifies deserving researchers for grants
Monitors research funding progress
Analyses grant proposals
Identifies research hot spots
Evaluates research policy impact
Offers comprehensive knowledge graphs
Uses machine learning algorithms
Generates analytics of scientific developments
Personal research assistant
Helps launch new journals
Enriches website content
Insightful analyses for government institutions
Free trial for users
Identifies leading institutions and researchers
Tracks open access trends
Offers Brexit analysis
Offers real-time research impact
Analyzes global research competitiveness
Identifies potential research funders
Recognizes star researchers
Visualises global funding trends
Helps explore evolving research landscape
Identifies leading researchers in every field
Determines emerging hot spots and research trends
Visualisations of submitted articles
Analysis of global publications and grant trends
Presents analysis of research grants and publications
Integrated analytics and research software


Lacks API integration
No mobile application
Limited visualisation capabilities
Doesn't support all browsers
Unclear data refresh rate
Potential bias in research data
Lack of offline working capability
Unclear features coming soon
Limited sources of data


What is
How can help researchers identify emerging research areas?
How does assist institutions with their research performance?
What are the features offers to publishers?
Does offer insights for industry professionals?
How does assist funders?
Can provide insights for governments?
Does offer a free trial?
What kind of data does monitor?
How does use machine learning algorithms?
Can help with identifying potential collaborators for a research project?
Can help with tracking publication and citation metrics?
What is the 'personal research graph' that provides?
Does offer features for tracking analytics of a publications portfolio?
Can assist editors visualize emerging research trends?
Can identify star researchers in a research area?
What insights can provide about grants?
How can help institutions with improving research output?
Can identify potential funders for research?
How can analyze the impact of policy decisions on research?

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