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Solution for automating Frontend Task workflow.
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Wizi is an AI Agent for Common Frontend Tasks, designed to help development teams streamline their workflow. The agent is built to take a JIRA issue and generate a Github Pull Request in minutes.

It's designed to be used for a variety of tasks, from creating new features and extending existing functionality, to cleaning up and refactoring legacy code and migrating from JS to TS.

It also helps teams build consistent and accessible HTML/CSS UIs, and update copy or fix typos. The agent is currently in development and will be launching in the coming weeks.

To reserve a spot, users can sign up for early access.


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Pros and Cons


Automates Frontend Tasks
JIRA to Github workflow
Time-efficient pull request generation
Streamlines team workflow
Facilitates new feature creation
Helps in extending functionality
Cleans up legacy code
Assists in code refactoring
Automates JS to TS migration
Creates accessible HTML/CSS UIs
Fixes typos
Early access opportunity
Designed for development teams
Open-source Code Search feature
Natural language search in codebases


Currently in development
Only supports frontend tasks
Limited to JIRA and Github
JS to TS migrations only
Unclear error handling
Limited language support (JS/TS)
Locked functionalities
No established user base
Not fully launched yet


What is Wizi?
How does Wizi automate front-end tasks?
What platforms does Wizi work with?
How does Wizi work with JIRA and Github?
Can Wizi help with creating new features in my code?
Does Wizi assist in extending existing code functionality?
Can Wizi help refactor and clean up legacy code?
Is Wizi capable of handling file migrations, like JS to TS?
Does Wizi help with HTML/CSS tasks?
How can Wizi assist in fixing typos or updating copies?
How can I get early access to Wizi?
What is the 'code search' feature in Wizi?
How does the 'code search' feature benefit front-end teams?
What is the release date for Wizi?
Where can I try or test Wizi?
Can I use Wizi for automating version upgrades?
What steps does Wizi follow in generating a pull request?
In what way does Wizi help take control over my backlog?
Can Wizi help build consistent and accessible UIs?
Where is Wizi developed?

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