Job recruitment 2024-04-05
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Automate your job search and land premium opportunities effortlessly.
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WOBO, an AI-powered tool, serves as a personal AI recruiter that eases the job application process. It targets your job search and applies on your behalf, giving you time to prepare for interviews.

With WOBO, you share your career aspirations, preferences and what you're looking for in a job. Then, its AI-driven search scours the job market to find the most suitable opportunities for you.

For each selected job, it automatically applies using a finely tailored application that places you in an optimal light for potential employers. An added feature includes a similarity score that indicates how well your skillset matches the current job's requirements.

WOBO also offers a dashboard where you can track your progress and see the details of each application. It provides access to top-tier jobs on reputable platforms and with optimal timing ensures your application lands when its most likely to be noticed.

WOBO offers benefits to a range of professionals including UI/UX designers, IT consultants, event planners, and more feeling their applications stand out and align with their career goals.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized job applications
Profession-specific benefits
Optimal application timing
Matches user to jobs
Automated application process
Dashboard for tracking progress
Similarity score feature
Access to top-tier jobs
Applies on user's behalf
Saves job-seekers time
Automated job search
Tailored applications
Access to reputable job platforms
Suitable for variety of professions
UI/UX designers catered


Limited profession-specific benefits
No manual oversight on applications
Dependent on user input quality
Unclear security measures
No option for direct employer interaction
Limited customization of applications
Limited control over application timing
Possible focus on larger job platforms
No information on integration with job profiles


How does WOBO work?
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How does WOBO apply for jobs on my behalf?
What is the 'similarity score' in WOBO?
What does the WOBO dashboard allow me to track?
What makes WOBO's application timing optimal?
Who can benefit from using WOBO?
What kind of jobs does WOBO have access to?
Does WOBO only target specific job sectors?
What platforms do WOBO's job vacancies come from?
How is a 'finely tailored' application created by WOBO?
What type of professionals does WOBO cater to?
What does it mean when you say WOBO makes my applications stand out?
Can WOBO help with preparing for interviews?
How does WOBO decide which job applications to automate?
What are the top-tier jobs WOBO speaks of?
Can WOBO help improve the quality of job listings I get?
What is the range of profession-specific benefits offered?
Can I see the details of each application sent by WOBO?

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