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Answering and calculating across diverse topics.
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Wolfram|Alpha is a computational intelligence tool that provides users with answers to queries and calculations. It uses Wolfram’s proprietary knowledgebase and AI technology to provide answers to questions across a wide range of topics.

Wolfram|Alpha can answer questions related to math, science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, music, units & measures, physics, chemistry, engineering, computational sciences, earth sciences, materials, transportation, people, arts & media, dates & times, words & linguistics, money & finance, food & nutrition, political geography, history, personal health, personal finance, surprises, entertainment, household science, household math, hobbies, and today’s world.

It also offers step-by-step solutions, math input mode, and computed visual computation. Wolfram|Alpha is available as a website, mobile app, and API.

It is powered by the Wolfram Language, which is based on 30+ years of research and development.


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Pros and Cons


Broad topic coverage
Website, App and API availability
Proprietary knowledgebase
Based on 30-year research
Natural Language understanding
Math input mode
Step-by-step solutions
Curated Data & Knowledge
Dynamic Algorithmic Computation
Visual Computation
Well-classified topic lists
Personalized search functionality
Specific solutions for different fields
Effective Q&A handling
Supports diverse queries
Concise answer generation
ChatGPT plugin
Extended Keyboard
Expert-level answers
Computational sciences handling
Materials and Transportation data
Units & Measures conversion
Political Geography data
Household sciences and math
Entertainment-related data
Real-world example guidance


Requires JavaScript enabled
No offline use
Limited free usage
Expensive pro version
Complex for novices
Proprietary knowledgebase
Limited third-party integrations
Specific Wolfram Language
Complex API setup


What is Wolfram|Alpha?
What kind of questions can Wolfram|Alpha answer?
Does Wolfram|Alpha provide step-by-step solutions?
Is Wolfram|Alpha available as a mobile app?
Is Wolfram|Alpha available as an API?
How does Wolfram|Alpha provide computed visual computation?
What is the Wolfram Language that powers Wolfram|Alpha?
Does Wolfram|Alpha offer specific answers in the field of arts and media?
Can Wolfram|Alpha conduct calculations related to personal health?
Can I use Wolfram|Alpha for queries related to personal finance?
How can I use Wolfram|Alpha to learn about today's world?
Can Wolfram|Alpha assist me with my hobbies?
What type of assistance does Wolfram|Alpha provide for household science and household math?
Can Wolfram|Alpha answer questions related to sports?
What answers can Wolfram|Alpha provide in the field of transportation?
Does Wolfram|Alpha cover topics related to computational sciences?
How does Wolfram|Alpha handle queries in the field of earth sciences?
Can Wolfram|Alpha assist with queries related to materials?
Can I use Wolfram|Alpha for queries regarding political geography?
Is Wolfram|Alpha efficient for research and analysis purposes?

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