Avatars 30 Jan 2023
Wonder AI

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Wonder-AI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to upload their own images and generate unique portraits based on their ideas and specifications. With a focus on creativity and self-expression, Wonder-AI offers users the ability to transform themselves into any character or style they desire, whether that be a favorite character, a representation of themselves in a fascinating style, or a drawing by a world-famous artist.

The tool works by training the AI on uploaded images, which takes up to 6 hours. After this, users can generate their own images and can return anytime to create new ones.

Wonder-AI offers users the ability to create up to 200 portraits for €19. The tool also showcases an example gallery of images created with the tool and presents a use-case example for YouTube thumbnails.

Wonder-AI's website includes guidelines, terms of service, privacy policies, and contact information. The tool is designed for individuals who want to explore their creativity and create unique portraits.


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