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Collaboration platform for hybrid work teams.
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WorkHub is an AI-powered team success platform that offers collaboration tools for remote teams to enable hybrid work, increase engagement, productivity, and employee morale.

The platform is designed to meet all needs of connectivity, collaboration, and celebration with a single platform. It offers affordable conferencing, tickets, recognition, and rewards at 1/5th the price of other platforms.

It also provides universal connectivity for internal and external team members with hassle-free audio/video conferencing and messaging features. Additionally, it has a ticketing system for managing team tasks and customer queries from a single place, with shared mailbox integration for offering seamless customer experience.

WorkHub is an affordable solution for teams looking to increase efficiency and connectivity in the hybrid workplace.


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Pros and Cons


Affordable collaboration tool
Increases engagement and productivity
Boosts employee morale
Facilitates hybrid work
Conferencing and ticketing capabilities
Recognition and rewards features
1/5th the price of others
Universal connectivity feature
Internal and external team connection
Audio/Video conferencing
Integrated messaging feature
Integrated ticketing system
Shared mailbox integration
Management of team tasks
Management of customer queries
Uninterrupted communication guaranteed
Chat, audio/video calls
Screen and file sharing
Scheduling tool for meetings
Automation of queries and complaints
Helpdesk management system
Employee rewards and recognition
On-Demand Online Support
Easy Sync With Calendars
Convenient Calendar Shareability
Define Availability Hours
Reminders & Notifications
Effective Social Recognition
Gamification-Based Extensive Rewards System
Document Management feature
Electronic Signature Generator
Tracking Status feature
Seamless integration with existing platforms
Supports remote work
Trusted by thousands of users globally
Wide range of integrations
Works with existing platforms
Collaboration for mutual goals
Helps schedule meetings instantly
Handles customer and employee queries
Offer exciting rewards shop
Engages employees with surveys
Fun way for employee rewards
Customer service software
Help desk software
Easy and fun employee recognition


No mobile app mentioned
Limited integration platforms
No offline access mentioned
Unclear data security measures
No multi-language support mentioned
No customization options specified
No direct chat support
No specific training options
No multi-factor authentication
No GDPR compliance mentioned


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Is WorkHub trusted by its users globally?

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