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Task management, scheduling, email streamlined.
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Workki AI is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to streamline various tasks and enhance productivity. With Workki AI, users can effortlessly manage their tasks, schedule meetings, and compose emails.

The virtual assistant is equipped with the ability to connect with popular email providers such as Gmail and Microsoft Office Outlook, allowing users to send emails with ease, eliminating the need for copy and paste.

Workki AI also offers natural language capabilities, enabling users to communicate complex instructions to the assistant using human-like language.Additionally, Workki AI provides support for generating charts and graphs, facilitating data representation in a clear and concise manner.

Users can also leverage the virtual assistant to set reminders and events in their calendars or task managers.The tool caters to various user profiles, including personal or corporate assistants, office workers, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals engaged in marketing research.

Workki AI assists in writing professional and polite emails, conducting market research, and analyzing data from the internet to identify potential customers or competitors.Users can access Workki AI through a free trial or request a demo to explore its features.

For any questions or concerns, the company offers comprehensive customer support, even during weekends.Overall, Workki AI aims to enhance efficiency, save time, and facilitate smoother workflow management for individuals and businesses alike.


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Workki was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 11th 2023.
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