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Do training content faster with WorkRamp's AI powered LMS.
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WorkRamp is an AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) designed to facilitate both employee and customer learning. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of products, including the WorkRamp Learning Cloud, Employee Learning Cloud, and Customer Learning Cloud.

The Learning Cloud provides an essential learning infrastructure to nurture business growth. Employee Learning Cloud is devised to boost employee performance and upskill teams, while the Customer Learning Cloud is intended to scale customer and partner training and revenue.

All these tools are enhanced by a host of features, including a content management system (CMS), pitch certifications, reporting functionalities, content creation and event management, all aimed at driving learning and growth objectives.

The platform also ensures a high level of security for the learning process. Besides its core offerings, WorkRamp also offers professional services, including instructional design and implementation.

Other solutions proposed by WorkRamp focus on different areas of industry-specific enablement including Revenue, Support, Learning and Development, and Customer & Partner.


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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive suite of products
Employee Learning Cloud
Customer Learning Cloud
Content Management System (CMS)
Pitch certifications
Reporting functionalities
Content creation and event management
High level security
Professional services offered
Industry-specific enablement solutions
Revenue Enablement
Support Enablement
Learning & Development
Customer & Partner training
Prebuilt Content for LMS
Instructor-led training software
Cloud Learning Platform
Integration with tech stack
Instructional Design Service
Implementation services
Course authoring tools
Off-the-shelf courses offering
Facilitates business growth
Upskills teams
Scales customer and partner training
Boosts employee performance
Secure learning process
Content marketplace
Services tailored to company size
Enhanced learning content creation


No free trial or freemium
No mobile learning support
Lack of personal learning pathways
Missing gamification features
Unclear navigation
Limited integrations
Steep learning curve
No multilingual support
Some features still in waitlist


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