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WPAutoBlog is an autoblogging tool that combines an AI article writer with a smart scheduling system and keyword research to automatically post content on your Wordpress blog.

The AI content generation is powered by ChatGPT. What sets WPAutoBlog apart from other AI content tools is the variety of settings available to create unique AI articles.

Users have the ability to customize the writing style, ensuring that the generated articles closely resemble human-made content. Additionally, the tool incorporates SEO optimization by including proper H1/H2 title tags and NLP keyword optimization.

WPAutoBlog allows users to connect multiple Wordpress sites simultaneously, with no limit to the number of blogs that can be connected. The platform is compatible with all versions of Wordpress, as long as the REST-API is enabled, which is enabled by default.Autoblogging, the core functionality of WPAutoBlog, refers to the automatic posting of content using a tool or software.

With WPAutoBlog, users can automate the process of generating and publishing articles, saving time and effort.Overall, WPAutoBlog offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to automate their article writing and content posting on Wordpress.

With its AI-powered content generation, customizable writing styles, SEO optimization, and compatibility with multiple Wordpress sites, WPAutoBlog helps users generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content effortlessly.


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WPAutoBlog was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Smart scheduling system
Keyword research feature
Multiple customization settings
SEO optimization integration
Includes H1/H2 title tags
NLP keyword optimization
Can connect multiple Wordpress sites
Compatible with all Wordpress versions
Automated article generation and posting
ChatGPT-based content generation
Real stock photos usage
Auto-linking to relevant articles
Custom writing styles
Background processing capabilities
Automatic plagiarism checking
Keyword CPC information
Long-form articles creation
Proper HTML tagging
Multilingual content
Scrapes sitemap for linking
WordPress REST-API integration


Only works with Wordpress
Requires REST-API enabled
Might over-optimize SEO
Lack of image diversity
No multi-platform support
Dependency on ChatGPT
Content uniqueness may vary
High cost for high volume
No offline functionality


What is WPAutoBlog?
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Does WPAutoBlog provide tools for SEO optimization?
Can I connect multiple Wordpress sites to WPAutoBlog?
What versions of Wordpress is WPAutoBlog compatible with?
What is the content generation capacity of WPAutoBlog?
What makes WPAutoBlog different from other AI article writing tools?
Is the content generated by WPAutoBlog reliable and plagiarism-free?
Does WPAutoBlog offer keyword research feature?
Can WPAutoBlog generate and post long-form articles?
Does WPAutoBlog automatically check for plagiarism?
Does WPAutoBlog offer smart autolinking within articles?
Are real stock photos incorporated in the content generated by WPAutoBlog?
How does the smart scheduling system in WPAutoBlog function?
In what languages can WPAutoBlog generate content?
Does WPAutoBlog provide intelligent background processing?
What is the pricing structure of WPAutoBlog?
What is the technology behind the AI of WPAutoBlog?
How does WPAutoBlog manage to make articles indistinguishable from human-made content?

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