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Productivity aid for composing emails.
Generated by ChatGPT is a free AI tool that helps to increase user productivity when composing and replying to emails. It provides a number of personalization options to tailor email writing to the user's individual needs.

It also stores the user's personalized options in a browser cookie, rather than in the database, ensuring the user's privacy. provides helpful tips and advice to ensure emails are polite, relevant, and professional.

It also helps to keep emails short and to the point, and to use the right language for the recipient's age and cultural background. It also offers helpful options such as URL shortening, font and size selection, and a professional email signature.

Finally, provides advice on how to handle difficult conversations, how to use emojis in the workplace, and how to ensure the tone of emails is professional and appropriate.


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Pros and Cons


Increases email productivity
Personalization options
Stores user preferences locally
Privacy conscious
Polite, relevant, professional emails
Keeps emails succinct
Language adaptation for recipients
URL shortening feature
Font and size selection
Professional email signature
Advice for difficult conversations
Workplace emoji guide
Tone guidance
Browser extension for Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail
Personalize email writing style
Threshold control for emoji use
Define email purpose
Advises against informal sarcasm
Advises being cautious with confidential topics
Limits usage of exclamation points
Advocates against excessive emoji use
Prefer hyperlinks over long URLs
Advises standard font and clear formatting
Consistence in email signature, greeting and tone
Advocates timely email responses
Advises specificity while describing tasks
Advocates checking recipient's name
BCC usage guidelines
Advocates prompt responses
Defines appropriate greetings
Controls 'Reply All' usage
Guidance for forwarding emails
Advises starting with most important point
Advises on tone
Advises on handling difficult conversations live
Advises on putting positive news upfront
Provides ideal email length
Suggests short emails for higher response rates
Drives message clarification using emojis
Defines tone and voice
Advocates keeping it concise
Emphasizes the use of recipient's name
Advises on frequency of email sending
Storytelling to boost open rate
Ideal email sending time
Use of visuals to grab attention
Professional email address guidance
Conversation tone for engagement
Avoids big words and jargon
Grammar and spelling analysis


Stores options in cookie
No database storage
Lacks offline capabilities
Limited personalization / customization
Font and size selection minimal
Limited emoji input
No explicit multi-language support
Confusing user interface
Contextual email tips lacking
No API for integration


What is
What are the features of
Does provide personalization options?
Can help in increasing productivity?
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How does handle sensitive conversations?
Can write emails in different languages?
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How does handle the use of emojis in emails?
How does shorten URLs?
Is a free tool?
Can be used with Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail?
What type of font and size selection does offer?
Does give advice on writing professional emails?
How does aid in writing email replies quickly?
How does ensure the emails are relevant and to the point?
Does offer a browser extension for email platforms?
Does analyze emails for grammar, spelling, and tone?
Can help in crafting the perfect formal email?

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