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Boost LinkedIn post responses with generated comments.
Generated by ChatGPT

Writesmart is a tool that offers AI-powered comments on social media posts, specifically on LinkedIn. Its core feature is the ability to warm up leads with highly relevant comments on their posts, increasing the chances of getting a response.

Users can expect highly relevant AI-enabled responses that spark conversations, with hyper-personalization at scale. The tool offers pre-defined comment styles and the ability to customize responses to fit specific needs.The tool is available as a free plan that allows users to test out the magic of AI-powered comments.

The free plan offers up to 20 responses and one LinkedIn account, while the most popular Seed plan offers up to 200 responses, one LinkedIn account, and pre-defined comment styles.

Users can install the AI-powered extension from the Google Chrome Webstore to enable the tool's full potential.Overall, Writesmart can help increase LinkedIn influence by offering the ability to comment on leading influencers' content in the user's domain.

The tool is easy to use and can help build genuine connections before selling. The website also includes contact information, a privacy policy, and terms for users to review.


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Pros and Cons


Generates LinkedIn post responses
Hyper-personalization at scale
Pre-defined comment styles
Customizable responses
Free plan available
Google Chrome extension
Increases LinkedIn influence
Builds genuine connections
Contact info provided
Transparent privacy policy
Clear terms of use
Up to 200 responses


Limited to LinkedIn only
Needs Chrome for installation
Limited to 1 account
No individual style customization
No multi-platform support
Limited responses per month
No mobile version available
Limited to pre-defined styles
No API for integrations
No option for unlimited responses


What is Writesmart?
How does Writesmart work?
How can Writesmart help to increase my LinkedIn influence?
What is the core feature of Writesmart?
Can I customize the AI generated comments on Writesmart?
Where can I install the Writesmart extension from?
What is the pricing structure for Writesmart?
What are the different plans offered by Writesmart?
What is the difference between the free and Seed plan of Writesmart?
How many responses can I get with the free plan of Writesmart?
Can Writesmart help in warming up leads on LinkedIn?
How can Writesmart comments spark conversations?
What is meant by 'Hyper personalization at scale' in context of Writesmart?
How can I contact Writesmart's support team?
What specific needs can Writesmart cater to?
What number of LinkedIn accounts does Writesmart support?
Is there any privacy policy provided by Writesmart?
What are the terms of usage for Writesmart?
Can Writesmart comments help me gain followers on LinkedIn?
How easy is it to use Writesmart?

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