Enhanced music visuals.

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WZRD is an AI-powered video augmentation tool designed to help creators take their music, video and live performance to the next level. It works by using audio analysis to detect percussion and harmonic elements, which are then used to drive a machine learning technique called a neural network.

This results in a range of visuals, from modern art to dark sci-fi, which are then rendered into a video and combined with the user's audio. WZRD provides an unprecedented visual experience, allowing users to create a video in a few minutes.

Wzrd.ai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Audio analysis for element detection
Utilizes neural networks
Various visual themes
Quick video creation
Creation of immersive video
Easy embedding for advertisers
Great tool for event visuals
Video render combines with audio
Variety of aesthetics in visuals
Different video themes available
Can enhance live performances
Helps in creating music videos
Detects percussion and harmonic elements
Provides modern to sci-fi visuals
Augmentation of your sound
Suitable for musical artists
Range of visuals for ads
Unprecedented visual experience creation


Limited theme options
No customization of visuals
Long rendering time
Unclear pertaining audio formats
Lacking advanced editing capabilities
No collaborative features
Potential copyright issues
No offline mode
Limited usefulness outside music industry
Resource intensive


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What is the visual engine in Wzrd.ai?
How is video rendered in Wzrd.ai?
What are the different themes available in Wzrd.ai for video creation?
How long does it take to create a video with Wzrd.ai?
Who are the target users of Wzrd.ai?
Is Wzrd.ai beneficial for event organizers?
How does Wzrd.ai use machine learning in video creation?
What is the role of a neural network in Wzrd.ai?
What types of visuals can Wzrd.ai create?
Can Wzrd.ai detect harmonic elements in audio?
Can Wzrd.ai help me enhance my music visuals?
Why is Wzrd.ai considered an AI-powered tool?
Where can I signup for Wzrd.ai?
How does percussion detection work in Wzrd.ai?
What makes the visuals of Wzrd.ai mindblowing?

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