Image generation 13 Mar 2023
Showcased generative art.

Generated by ChatGPT

Xipher is a community showcase tool that features a collection of visually stunning and imaginative images generated by DALL-E AI. The tool allows users to browse through different posts featuring images such as an astronaut on a distant planet encountering an alien life form, a man standing in front of a stargate to another dimension, and a hyper-realistic impressionist painting of a starry night with shallow depth-of-field.

Users can also search for specific posts using keywords. Xipher enables users to download their preferred image in high definition, without providing exact figures of quality.

Overall, Xipher effectively showcases the capabilities of DALL-E AI in generating striking images that are both imaginative and visually engaging. It serves as a useful platform for artists and designers seeking inspiration for their creative projects or for anyone looking for high-quality visual content.


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