Q&A 14 Feb 2023
Assistant for discovering insights and analyzing data.

Generated by ChatGPT

xMagic is a private AI assistant that allows users to search, answer questions, summarize, and discover new knowledge in their own files. It uses advanced ChatGPT technology, which enables the AI assistant to learn a user's knowledge base and respond to queries accordingly.

xMagic is designed to help users build their own knowledge base by uploading any PDF or text files. It is not limited to specific example documents and allows users to upload any file from their personal database.

Once the files are uploaded, xMagic's AI assistant can learn from them and respond to queries on a range of topics. The AI assistant can quickly summarize lengthy pieces of text and provide relevant search results.

The tool can also be used to build a chatbot that responds to users' queries in a conversational manner. Overall, xMagic is an AI tool designed to help users understand and analyze their data easily.

It can be used by a range of professionals in different fields, from researchers to business owners, to help them discover new insights from their data.


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