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Assistant for discovering insights and analyzing data.
Generated by ChatGPT

xMagic is a private AI assistant that allows users to search, answer questions, summarize, and discover new knowledge in their own files. It uses advanced ChatGPT technology, which enables the AI assistant to learn a user's knowledge base and respond to queries accordingly.

xMagic is designed to help users build their own knowledge base by uploading any PDF or text files. It is not limited to specific example documents and allows users to upload any file from their personal database.

Once the files are uploaded, xMagic's AI assistant can learn from them and respond to queries on a range of topics. The AI assistant can quickly summarize lengthy pieces of text and provide relevant search results.

The tool can also be used to build a chatbot that responds to users' queries in a conversational manner. Overall, xMagic is an AI tool designed to help users understand and analyze their data easily.

It can be used by a range of professionals in different fields, from researchers to business owners, to help them discover new insights from their data.


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xMagic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Uses advanced ChatGPT technology
Adapts to user's knowledge base
Allows PDF and text uploads
Not limited to example documents
Works with personal database files
Learns from uploaded files
Summarizes lengthy texts
Relevant search results
Enables chatbot creation
Conversational response capability
Useful for many professions
Helps discover new insights
Handles data analysis
Builds knowledge base from scratch
No file type restrictions
Insight generation from data
Follow-up learning from feedback
Handles various query topics
Provides relevant responses
Easy knowledge base building
Supports file previews
Multi-file information synthesis
Natural language processing for queries
Driven by user data
Transforms knowledge base to chatbot
Helpful for deep data insight
Can manage large volumes of data
Handles complex data files
Detailed insight on varied topics
Created by reputable developers
Quality assurance by


Limited file types supported
Potential privacy issues
No multi-language support
No mobile application
ChatGPT may miss nuances
Dependent on file quality
No collaborative features
No version history tracking
Lack of advanced search options
Requires JavaScript enabled


What is xMagic?
How does xMagic work?
What is ChatGPT technology in xMagic?
How does xMagic use AI to search and answer questions?
Can xMagic summarize text?
How can xMagic assist in discovering new knowledge in my own files?
What types of files can I upload to xMagic?
Can xMagic be used to analyze text data from a personal database?
How does xMagic build a knowledge base?
Can xMagic's AI assistant learn from my uploaded files?
Does xMagic provide search results based on my files?
Can I create a chatbot with xMagic?
What professional fields can use xMagic?
How is xMagic useful to researchers or business owners?
Can I use xMagic to understand and analyze my data?
How can xMagic summarize lengthy pieces of text?
How do I upload files to xMagic?
Is there a limit to the number of files I can upload to xMagic?
What type of insights can I expect from using xMagic?
How does xMagic handle private and confidential information in my files?


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