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Generate and organize articles with mind maps.
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Xmind Copilot is an intelligent tool that combines Xmind mind mapping with GPT technology. It helps users efficiently organize their thoughts and adjust content structures, while also automatically generating articles with the assistance of GPT.

With Xmind Copilot, users can create mind maps by inputting their ideas into the One-liner feature, which generates a stunning mind map in seconds. The Inspire Me feature provides endless ideas with just one click, overcoming mind-mapper's block.

Additionally, the Outliner feature helps users quickly extract key points and summaries from lengthy articles by importing them in Markdown format. Xmind Copilot seamlessly integrates GPT technology with mind maps, leveraging the mind map's structured presentation of core ideas and utilizing GPT's capabilities to provide detailed supporting information, extensive quotes, and improve overall writing style and readability.

The Ghostwriter feature generates articles based on the mind maps, enhancing coherence and readability. It even offers an advanced grouping feature for more flexibility and control over the article generation process, enabling users to create more cohesive and structured content.

Xmind Copilot offers 20,000 free tokens to users with free accounts to experience AI-generated features, with additional tokens available for purchase.

Users can access Xmind Copilot by signing in and entering their email address. Xmind Copilot ensures the confidentiality and privacy of user data, with personal information not shared or traded with unrelated third parties.


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