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Data platform analyzes Shopify businesses.
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XO Analytics is an AI-powered data analytics platform specifically designed for Shopify businesses. By seamlessly integrating your accounts, XO Analytics provides actionable insights to help boost your e-commerce growth.

This platform aims to turn your data into growth opportunities, allowing you to maximize profits.With XO Analytics, you can connect data from across your entire business, enabling valuable insights that drive your bottom line.

It provides data-driven growth tips, AI-powered weekly reports, and customizable alerts to keep you informed about real-time performance.The platform analyzes your data to identify underperforming products and offers suggestions to optimize your ad spend.

Its unique weekly Insights feature provides personalized and actionable insights based on your real-time ad and selling data.Trusted by next-gen e-commerce founders, XO Analytics eliminates the guesswork from data analysis, helping businesses optimize their ad spend and boost their return on ad spend (ROAS).XO Analytics offers different pricing plans to meet your needs, from the Starter plan ideal for getting started, to the Pro plan which includes advanced insights and monetized growth opportunity insights.

For enterprise-level users, XO Analytics offers a fully supported data pipeline, custom reporting landscape, and managed ETL services, with pricing options available upon request.In summary, XO Analytics is an AI-powered e-commerce analytics platform that empowers Shopify businesses to make data-driven decisions and seize growth opportunities.


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Pros and Cons


Designed for Shopify businesses
Seamless account integration
Actionable insights
Entire business data connectivity
Data-driven growth tips
Customizable alerts
Identifies underperforming products
Ad spend optimization
Personalized insights
Monetized growth opportunity insights
Different pricing plans
Fully supported data pipeline
Custom reporting landscape
Managed ETL services
Single Sign-On Access
250+ KPIs
No-code custom reporting
Data warehouse


Shopify only
No free trial
Limited metrics Starter plan
Limited insight customization
No code custom reporting only Enterprise level
Single sign-on only Enterprise
Managed ETL only Enterprise
Pricing upon request for Enterprise


What is XO Analytics?
Who is XO Analytics designed for?
What features does XO Analytics offer?
How can XO Analytics help improve my e-commerce growth?
How does XO Analytics analyze data from a business?
What specific growth opportunities can XO Analytics identify?
What does the weekly Insights feature of XO Analytics include?
How can XO Analytics help to optimize ad spend?
How does XO Analytics identify underperforming products?
What pricing plans does XO Analytics offer?
How does XO Analytics integrate with my business accounts?
Can XO Analytics provide custom reporting and managed ETL services?
What are the key metrics that XO Analytics monitors?
What are the benefits of the Pro plan of XO Analytics?
Does XO Analytics offer enterprise-level services?
Can XO Analytics help to boost my return on ad spend?
What are the customizable alerts provided by XO Analytics?
How does XO Analytics turn data into growth opportunities?
What does XO Analytics mean by a no-code custom reporting landscape?
How can I get started with XO Analytics?

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