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Smart WhatsApp messaging assistant.
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Yatter is an GPT based WhatsApp & Telegram chatbot designed to simplify your life by providing instant answers to your queries, questions, and concerns. Yatter is 24/7 available as your personal assistant.
With Yatter, no longer required to waste time scrolling through endless search results to find the information you need. The AI-powered assistant offers several features, including instant answers on any topic, multilingual language support, Image-to-text recognition, Voice recognition, Real time weather insights and more.
As a result, Yatter saves your valuable time, increasing your efficiency and productivity. Yatter is easy to use and available on your most beloved chat app, WhatsApp & Telegram.
If you want to simplify your messaging life by gaining access to instant intelligent information at any time, then try Yatter for free today.

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Yatter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 availability
Instant answers
Language translation
Mathematical calculations
Saves time
Increases efficiency
Increase productivity
Easy to use
Operates on WhatsApp
Available free of charge
Made in India
Simplifies messaging life


WhatsApp only functionality
Limited to textual information
No mention of multi-language support
No third-party app integration
Tied to Yatter's T&Cs
No offline functionality
No UI customization options
No explicit privacy policy
Made specifically for Indian market
Exclusively on mobile platforms


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Is Yatter Plus free to use?
How do I interact with Yatter Plus via WhatsApp?
How does Yatter Plus provide the right information at the right time?
What engine powers Yatter Plus AI?
How can Yatter Plus increase my productivity?
Where was Yatter Plus developed?
Are there any limitations to the information Yatter Plus can provide?
How does Yatter Plus improve my messaging experience?
How secure is my data with Yatter Plus?
Can Yatter Plus recognize and respond to voice messages?
Do I need to install any additional software to use Yatter Plus?
Does Yatter Plus work with WhatsApp Web?
What are the terms and conditions of using Yatter Plus?


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