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AI Health Assistant for your health and wellness needs.
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Yesil Health is an AI Health Assistant designed to deliver personalized, evidence-based solutions to users' health inquiries. It covers a spectrum of needs including health consultations, nutritional advice, interpretation of lab results, exercise and mental coaching.

Designed to learn and adapt to an individual's health profile, Yesil Health offers solutions grounded in the latest medical research and guidelines. Features such as the 'Analysed Health PDF' allow users to upload medical documents, which are then analyzed by the AI to provide clear and understandable explanations in plain language.

It has also demonstrated an advanced understanding of health data, ensuring reliable information is delivered to the user. Areas of application range from common symptoms and diet advice to women's health and chronic conditions.

While it is an advanced tool in health AI, it is important to note that Yesil Health recommends that a healthcare provider interprets the AI output and uses it as a supplementary tool individually.

Yesil Health is a product from Yesil Science, a technology company specializing in health and wellness solutions.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized health insights
Customized lifestyle advice
Personalized diet and exercise plans
Interprets users' health habits
User-friendly interface
Easy tracking of health data
Ongoing research and testing
Evidence-based health advisor
Analyzes Health PDF
Advanced understanding of health data
Reliable information delivery
Covers a spectrum of needs
Adapts to individual health profile
Solutions grounded in latest medical research
Language is clear and understandable
Application ranges from common symptoms to chronic conditions
Women's health services
Interpretation of lab results
Exercise and mental coaching
Understandable explanations in plain language
Personalized health profile


Still in beta stage
Not applicable for image analysis
Requires healthcare provider interpretation
Concerns about output accuracy
Dependent on user-provided data
Chance of biased outputs
Not intended for in vitro diagnostic devices
Potential incorrect outputs
Doesn't process medical images


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