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Search for fashion items using descriptions or images.
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Yoit is a fashion discovery platform that allows users to search for fashion items using descriptions, images, or a combination of both. Users can add text to images to find specific styles they desire.

With access to millions of products, Yoit enables users to explore a wide range of fashion items and discover new brands. The platform offers an extensive selection of brands, including popular ones like Isabel Marant, Alo Yoga, TorySport, Martine Rose, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Free People, Khaite, ASOS DESIGN, and For Love & Lemons.

Users can browse brands alphabetically and access a comprehensive list of brands available.Yoit provides several search options to enhance the search experience.

Users can perform quick searches using predefined search ideas such as "coachella outfit," "ugly trainers with blue points," "chanel style mini bag," and "plain white 'nike' sneakers." Additionally, the platform offers descriptive search, allowing users to use their own words to capture the desired vibes or details, hybrid search for finding something slightly different from the picture, and quoted search to search for aspects not visible in the picture.Yoit is a product of Data Monsters Inc., and users can reach out to them via email at [email protected].

The platform also provides links to their blog, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more information and updates.


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Pros and Cons


Millions of products accessible
Offers search by description
Offers search by image
Hybrid search feature
Quoted search feature
Database of popular brands
Brands browsable alphabetically
Predefined search ideas available
Capable of precise searches
Option to add text on images
Discovery of new brands
Email support provided
Links to social media
Accessible blog for updates
Tips for effective search
Extensive brand selection
User-friendly interface
Focus on fashion items
Descriptive search for vibes
Affiliation with Data Monsters Inc.


Limited to fashion items
No mobile app
No in-built comparison features
No user reviews
No personalization features
Search might be complex
No mentioned security measures
Visible brands mostly high-end
No price filter mentioned


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