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YourGPT is a mobile application that bridges the gap between users and advanced AI technologies. It is signed around popular Language Learning Models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 Turbo and Claude 3 Opus, enabling engaging, artificial intelligence-powered conversations.

Key features of the tool include an ad-free experience across all tiers and unlocks all features forever with a single purchase rather than requiring a subscription.

The application also offers secure API key storage, letting users input their own API key which is securely saved on their device, and never shared. Moreover, conversations are stored on the device, not on a server, bolstering security and privacy measures.

Another interesting aspect of YourGPT is its support for diverse AI models and the ability to switch effortlessly between different models. These variations include the Claude 3, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-3.5 Turbo, with promises of more to come.

The application has an intuitive user interface, making it a seamless platform for interaction with the variety of AI models. YourGPT's versatility extends to education and entertainment, as users can utilise it for learning new subjects, brainstorming, and simply engaging in fun conversations.

It aims to consolidate its significance in the market by promoting itself as not only an app but also a personal access point to the endless possibilities AI offers.


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Pros and Cons


Mobile application
Supports multiple LLMs
Secure API key storage
On-device conversation storage
No ads
One-time purchase
Accessible Claude 3 Opus
User-friendly interface
Switch between models
Educational use
Entertainment use
Supports GPT-4 Turbo
Supports GPT-4
Supports GPT-3.5 Turbo
No data shared with third parties
Data encrypted in transit
Ability to delete data
In-app purchases
Safety measures
Bridges technology gap
100+ downloads
Personal info security
Financial info security
Constantly updated
No subscriptions


Requires own API key
Conversations not server-stored
Limited number of LLMs
No subscription option
Updates may not be frequent
Potential data risk (personal, financial)
Limited functionality (primarily conversations)
Relies on mobile device security
Limited to mobile use
Fixed models, no customizability


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Can I switch between different AI models in YourGPT?
How intuitive is YourGPT's user interface?
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Is YourGPT suitable for brainstorming sessions?
Does YourGPT promote itself as a personal gateway to exploring AI?
How does YourGPT help in enhancing security and privacy?
What are the differences between GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-3.5 Turbo models in YourGPT?
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