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YouTube video summarization & customization
Generated by ChatGPT

YouTubeDigest is a browser extension that utilizes the ChatGPT AI to condense and summarize YouTube videos. This tool aims to enhance the user's YouTube experience by providing a comprehensive summary of the video being watched, as well as offering customization options for the summary format.Users of YouTubeDigest can choose from various summary formats such as Article or Bullet Points, allowing them to tailor the summary to their preferences.

Additionally, the tool offers translation capabilities, permitting users to translate the summary into different languages. It also provides the option to add new languages if they are not already available.One of the key features of YouTubeDigest is the ability to export and share the summaries generated by the tool.

Users can export their summaries in PDF, DOCX, or text file formats, and even create shareable links for easy distribution.To use YouTubeDigest, a ChatGPT account is required by the user.

Currently, the tool exclusively functions with YouTube videos, but there are plans to expand its support to other platforms based on user feedback and requests.Overall, YouTubeDigest strives to save users time by condensing videos into concise summaries and offers customization options for a more tailored viewing experience.


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YoutubeDigest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Video summarization
Customizable summary formats
Translation capabilities
Language addition option
Exportable summaries
Supports multiple file formats
Shareable summary links
Integrable with ChatGPT
Future platform expansion plans
Enhances YouTube experience
Summarizes in various languages
Usable on Chrome
Usable on Firefox
Usable on Opera
Saves user's time


Browser extension only
Requires ChatGPT account
Only works with YouTube
Limited translation languages
Not optimized for mobile
Requires internet connection
Export limitation (PDF, DOCX, text)
Limited summary formats
Not open-source
New languages addition manual


What is YouTubeDigest?
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What formats can I choose for the summary with YouTubeDigest?
What is the main purpose of YouTubeDigest?
Can YouTubeDigest translate the video summaries into different languages?
How can I share the summaries produced by YouTubeDigest?
In which formats can I export summaries from YouTubeDigest?
Do I need a ChatGPT account to use YouTubeDigest?
Is YouTubeDigest only compatible with YouTube videos?
Are there plans to expand YouTubeDigest for other platforms?
Is YouTubeDigest available for all web browsers?
How can I add YouTubeDigest to my Chrome browser?
Can I add new languages to YouTubeDigest?
How does YouTubeDigest enhance my YouTube experience?
What AI does YouTubeDigest use to summarize videos?
How can I install the YouTubeDigest extension on Firefox?
Can I customize the summary format on YouTubeDigest?
How many users are currently using the YouTubeDigest extension?
Where can I request for new features or support for YouTubeDigest?
Are there any specific document formats that YouTubeDigest supports for export?


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