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Get concise YouTube summaries and key points instantly with ChatGPT.
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YTSummary is an AI-powered tool that provides concise summaries of YouTube videos using ChatGPT. It extracts key points from videos and presents them in different formats.

The Outline mode produces a brief overview of the video with key highlights and detailed summaries. The Mind Map function generates a hierarchical visual presentation of the summary, highlighting connections between key ideas.

The Segment mode delivers detailed summaries of the video organized into timestamped sections. This mode aligns different video segments with YouTube chapters, key moments, or fixed intervals to provide a comprehensive understanding of the content.

Another feature includes the ability to summarize YouTube videos in multiple languages. The tool also supports exporting the summary to various formats, making it easier to share and use.

Users can also track summaries for future reference and share the summary with others for collaboration or communication purposes. YTSummary can be accessed through the website by pasting a YouTube link into their summarizer input box or via their Chrome extension for an enhanced experience.

YTSummary was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generate summaries automatically
Accurate and concise summaries
Customizable summary length
Summaries in various languages
Summary export feature
Access to summary history
Compatibility with Chrome extension
Free registration
Streamlines research/content creation
Can summarize any length
Outline Mode feature
Mind Map feature
Segment Mode
Timestamps in summaries
Tracks summaries
Exports in various formats
Shareable summaries
High user satisfaction
Supports long videos
Visual representation of summaries
For detailed research purposes
Users include students, researchers
Used for industry trends
Can analyze competitors' strategies
Insights into global perspectives
Applicable for content writers
Free plan available
Supports major payment methods
Available as website and extension


No mobile app
Limited to YouTube videos
Dependent on Internet connectivity
Dependent on Chrome browser
No audio output
No native video player
Summary customization could be limited
Accuracy depends on video quality
Summaries only, no full transcript
Manual intervention required for plan upgrade


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Can I export the summaries to different formats using YTSummary?
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How does YTSummary support multilingual summaries?
Do I have ability to track my summary history in YTSummary?
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