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Learn a new language by talking with AI tutors.
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Zaplingo Talk is a language learning tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to offer learners a unique and immersive method to master new languages.

This solution presents language teaching by interacting with AI tutors that simulate real conversations, helping users attain fluency and confidence. Learners can practice languages like English, Spanish, and more at any time and pace, creating a flexible learning environment.

Being an AI-based platform, it allows for a non-judgemental, stress-free context for learners to freely make mistakes and learn from them. Notably, Zaplingo Talk offers diverse AI personalities to accommodate different learning styles and creates a balance between education and engagement.

The tool is prepared for use on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, WhatsApp, and Telegram, making it accessible from almost anywhere. Unlike conventional tutoring, Zaplingo Talk is cost-effective, offering the benefits of private tutoring at a reduced price.

By capitalizing on advanced technology, it brings forth an innovative, interactive, and affordable approach to language learning.


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Aug 7, 2023
It doesn't work for a month now...SHAME
May 31, 2023
This IA is really precise in the help!

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Pros and Cons


Available on WhatsApp
Real-life conversation practice
Clear grammar explanations
24/7 availability
Explanations in native language
Free to use
Interactive learning
Text-to-speech feature
Mobile learning
Distance learning
Personalized learning
Stress-free learning
Simulated conversations
Additional language options
Flexible learning environment
Non-judgemental context
Multi-platform use
Advanced technology
Real-time practice
No fear of judgement
Multiple languages
Available on Telegram
Guided by artificial intelligence


Limited to text-based interaction
Available only on WhatsApp
No live tutoring option
Learners can't interact with others
No certification upon completion
Depends on Internet connectivity
Not suitable for advanced learners
Limited language options
Difficult to troubleshoot issues


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Does Zaplingo offer real-life conversation practice?
What kind of learning environment does Zaplingo create?
What are the key features of Zaplingo?
Can I get explanations in my native language with Zaplingo?
Is Zaplingo free to use?
How does Zaplingo aid in improving English speaking skills?
What are the benefits of using Zaplingo for language learning?
Does Zaplingo offer personalized learning experience?
Are Zaplingo's AI tutors available 24/7?
What is the teaching method implemented by Zaplingo?
Does Zaplingo offer grammar explanations?
How does Zaplingo build learners' language confidence?
What are the different AI personalities available in Zaplingo?
Who developed Zaplingo?

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