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Streamlined procurement solution for various industries.
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Zapro is an AI tool that provides intuitive procurement and reliable invoicing solutions. It offers automated procurement workflows and real-time invoicing, resulting in 2X savings.

The tool allows users to request and manage contracts, track savings, and obtain the best quotes. It also facilitates the creation, approval, tracking, and processing of purchase requests and purchase orders.Zapro's AP Automation feature offers a streamlined payment process, including 3-way matching, OCR, and tolerance capabilities.

Their solutions help automate, control, and reduce spending across all categories and suppliers. The tool is trusted by thousands of users in multiple countries for its efficiency and effectiveness.Zapro's platform supports integrations with popular ERP systems like NetSuite, Quickbooks, Sage, and Xero, as well as data integration and supplier integration.

The tool also provides data insights, analytics, and consultative intelligence to support data-driven decision-making.This AI tool serves various industries, including technology companies, retail and restaurants, manufacturing, oil, mine and gas, life sciences, legal and professional services, healthcare, financial services, and consumer products.

It caters to different roles within organizations, such as accounts payable and enterprise financial leaders, as well as IT leaders.With Zapro, businesses can achieve visibility and control, strategic spend management, increased productivity, improved employee experience, better cost control, compliance and risk management, and intelligent spend management.To learn more about Zapro and its features, users can book a free demo or access interactive demos for procurement and AP automation.


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ZAPRO was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlined procurement solution
Serves various industries
Real-time invoicing
2X savings
Request and manage contracts
Analyze savings and quotes
Purchase requests and orders tracking
AP Automation feature
3-way matching
OCR capability
Tolerance capabilities
Reduce spending across categories
Reduce spending across suppliers
Integrates with popular ERP systems
Data integration
Supplier Integration
Data insights and analytics
Consultative intelligence
Supports data-driven decision-making
Caters to multiple roles
Increase productivity
Improve employee experience
Better cost control
Compliance and risk management
Intelligent spend management
Offers free demo
Interactive demos availability
Manage store front
Receipts management
Budgeting feature
Invoice dispute resolution
Contracts repository
Subscriptions and milestones tracking
Travel and expense management
Requests for expense reports
Expense policy development
Card statements management
Serves legal and professional services
Serves financial services
Serves healthcare sector
Serves retail and restaurants
Serves manufacturing industry
Serves technology companies
Serves oil, mine and gas
Serves life sciences industry
Serves consumer products sector


Limited ERP integration options
No mobile app
No multi-language support
Limited automation features
Unclear pricing model
No direct B2B eCommerce
No listed offline capability
No mentioned advanced analytics
Lacks real-time budget tracking


What is Zapro's AP automation feature?
How does Zapro integrate with ERP systems?
What are the benefits of Zapro's data insights, analytics, and consultative intelligence features?
How does Zapro support strategic spend management?
How does Zapro's feature improve employee experience?
Does Zapro provide solutions for risk and compliance management?
What industries does Zapro cater to?
How does Zapro improve productivity within an organization?
What type of organizations would mainly benefit from using Zapro?
Can Zapro help manage contracts and track savings?
How does Zapro's automated procurement work?
What role does Zapro play in control company costs?
Can I request for the best quotes using Zapro?
How can I get a demo of Zapro?
In what ways does Zapro's tool assist accounts payable and enterprise financial leaders?
What benefits does Zapro bring to IT leaders within an organization?
How is Zapro assisting businesses in spend management?
How does Zapro beat other AI tools in the same category?
Which ERP systems does Zapro integrate with?
Does Zapro aid in managing travel and expense?

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