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Multilingual video dubbing and translation service.
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Zeebra is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in dubbing their videos. With the aim of offering a convenient solution that combines AI technology and professional services, Zeebra enables users to translate their audio and video content into 27 different languages.The process of using Zeebra is straightforward and efficient.

Users begin by uploading their original audio or video content, upon which the AI engine automatically generates an initial translation draft. To ensure accuracy and customization, users can then utilize the Zeebra editor to perfect the transcript, translation, and audio.

Additionally, Zeebra provides an optional feature allowing users to order professional translation services, thereby guaranteeing an impeccable final product.Zeebra distinguishes itself with its commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness.

By leveraging AI technology, Zeebra offers users an efficient method for dubbing their videos without compromising on the quality of translation. Moreover, the combination of AI and professional services ensures that users benefit from both automatic translations and the expertise of human translators, thereby enhancing the overall linguistic accuracy and naturalness of the final result.In conclusion, Zeebra is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to translate their video content effortlessly.

By utilizing a combination of AI and professional services, Zeebra offers a streamlined process, cost-effective solution, and high-quality translations across multiple languages.


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Nov 5, 2023
The best AI audio/video translation service I have used so far. The translation quality is especially great. Voice seems the same as elevenlabs. I love the editor to adjust a few things here and there after AI pass.

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