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Mobile assistant for typing and ideation.
Generated by ChatGPT

Zeeno is an AI assistant that integrates with your mobile keyboard and is powered by ChatGPT. It enables users to re-phrase social media posts and generate paragraph responses to emails directly from their mobile chat box.

Additionally, it can brainstorm ideas for dinner recipes, generate business ideas or creative problem-solving ideas, and conduct research, all without leaving the chat or note-taking app.

Users can access Zeeno from any app they use with just one tap. To use Zeeno, users need to add "AiKeyboard" in the keyboard settings and turn on "allow full access." The tool is available for iOS.Overall, Zeeno aims to be a convenient and user-friendly AI assistant for mobile users to boost their productivity and creativity by providing quick and accurate assistance with various writing and idea-generating tasks.

By integrating with the mobile keyboard, it streamlines the process of using existing messaging and note-taking apps and eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps or conduct web searches.

Moreover, the tool uses ChatGPT to ensure natural language processing and accuracy in generating responses and ideas.


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Pros and Cons


Integrates with mobile keyboard
Re-phrases social media posts
Generates paragraph responses to emails
Can brainstorm ideas
Accessible from any app
One-tap away feature
Mobile chat box compatibility
Available for iOS
Boost productivity and creativity
Natural language processing
Generates accurate responses
Eliminates need for multiple apps
No need for web searches
Available on Product Hunt
Supercharges tweets and captions
Generates business ideas
Conduct research in-chat


iOS only
Requires full keyboard access
Limited to text-based tasks
Dependent on ChatGPT's limitations
Only integrated with keyboard
Potential privacy concerns
No desktop version
Not available on Android
Might disrupt typing experience
No offline mode support

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