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Powering the future of personalization in fashion commerce.
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Zelig is a Virtual Try-On & Styling (VTO-S) AI Technology focused on fashion commerce. It offers individuals a unique and immersive experience by allowing them to visualize how various fashion items would look on them virtually.

Users can upload a photo or select from Zelig's model library to try on individual items or mix and match different pieces from a retailer's site. After virtually trying them on and styling themselves, users also have an option to save this look to their personal closet within the platform.

This tool brings a high degree of personalization to the online shopping experience, by facilitating an interactive way to explore and experiment with pieces from a retailer's collection.

The technology is built with a view to revolutionizing the future of fashion commerce and defining a new virtual standard for personalization in the industry.


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Pros and Cons


Virtual try-on feature
Option to style looks
Save personalized closet
User photo upload
Selection from model library
Individual or multiple items try-on
Retailer site item accessibility
High degree of personalization
Interactive shopping experience
Fashion focused
Visually immersive
Outfit mixing and matching
Revolutionizing fashion commerce
Industry standard creation
Easy four step process
Wide model library
Press recognition
Browsing feature in-built
Retail innovation embodiment
Customer-friendly interface


Limited to fashion commerce
No real-time try-on
Requires photo upload
Limited model library
No multi-platform support
Likely inaccuracies in visualization
No offline functionality
No integration with other apps
Dependent on retailer collaboration
No mobile app


What is Zelig?
How does Zelig work?
What makes Zelig different from other AI tools?
What does Zelig mean by 'Virtual Try-On & Styling (VTO-S)'?
What kind of personalization does Zelig offer?
Can you upload a photo to Zelig?
What is Zelig's model library?
Can Zelig be used to try on and mix match items from a retailer's site?
Can looks be saved within Zelig?
What does Zelig aim to change in fashion commerce?
How does Zelig affect the online shopping experience?
Does Zelig allow styling of various fashion items?
How does Zelig contribute to the 'future of personalization' in fashion?
What is the advantage of using Zelig for retailers?
What technology powers Zelig?
What measures does Zelig have for data protection and privacy?
Where can I get recent updates or news about Zelig?
How can I contact Zelig?
Can Zelig recommend outfits based on the items tried on?
What are known companies, magazines, or websites that have featured or written about Zelig?

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