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‍Busy or away? Just forward your calls. Your AI will speak for you, exactly how you set it up.

ZenCall is an AI tool designed to provide an affordable and efficient way for businesses to manage incoming calls.

This AI-powered tool acts as a virtual secretary, answering calls and providing relevant information to callers.

With instant call notifications, the user can receive timely alerts and access calls at their convenience through the ZenCall app or desktop website.

The AI secretary can send URL links of the user's choice to the caller via text messages to streamline the process of completing their transactions or booking.

The tool also offers unlimited prompt testing to enhance the AI secretary's efficiency while answering calls.

ZenCall provides a free phone number and offers call redirection services to ensure that customer queries are promptly and accurately addressed.

With ZenCall, businesses can benefit from AI-powered customer service and gain an edge by providing a seamless experience to their clients. The tool is available in different pricing plans, with the starter plan being free and the highest-priced package offering unlimited live calls.

ZenCall also offers a dedicated onboarding assistant to guide users through the setup process. Overall, ZenCall is an AI tool that offers the most efficient and affordable way for businesses to manage their incoming calls.
ZenCall was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 3rd 2023.

Community ratings

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Jan 6, 2024
great call answering AI
Sep 3, 2023
Luv it, people calling my business for a quote get it fast and accurate
Sep 3, 2023
Really cool to have AI answer our business phone and have warm transfer to appropriate departments
Aug 29, 2023
I love how it answers my phone the way I set it up and I can read my incoming calls conversations. Thank you!

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Pros and Cons


Automates business calls
Instant call notifications
Sends URL links via text
Unlimited prompt testing
Free phone number
Call redirection feature
Dedicated onboarding assistant
Streamlines transaction process
Different pricing plans
Offer live call packages
Can forward existing numbers
Accessible Zencall app
Can address customer queries
Affordable tool
Enhanced customer experience
Free starter plan
Streamlined setup process
Sends notifications via email
Helps manage incoming calls
Efficient business call management
Supports call redirection if needed
Test secretary prompts for free
Helps you stay connected
Improves secretary's call answering


Requires app installation
No multilingual support mentioned
Potential privacy issues
Lacks advanced analytics
Regular call costs apply
Limited live calls for cheaper plans
No voice customisation
Doesn't support multiple channels
No self-updating or learning abilities
No integration with other platforms


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How does handle call redirection?
What are the pricing plans for
Does offer onboarding assistance?
What type of businesses can benefit from
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What is the difference between Standard and Advanced pricing plans of
Can forward calls if necessary?
What happens if the AI secretary can't answer a question?
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How can help in streamlining my business process?
How can enhance my customer service?

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