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Prompt portfolios for efficient prompt engineering.
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ZenPrompts is a tool designed to help you become an expert prompt engineer and build your prompt portfolio. It provides a powerful prompt editor that allows you to create, refine, test, and share prompts.

With ZenPrompts, you can compare prompt output across multiple OpenAI models, enabling you to select the right model based on your preferences for quality, cost, and performance.

The tool also offers a minimalist platform to showcase your prompt portfolio. It provides clean layouts and a user-friendly interface that ensures your creativity takes center stage.

Additionally, ZenPrompts allows you to experiment with prompts without losing any past work. You can tweak and perfect your prompts by creating multiple versions and easily switch between them.Sharing your crafted prompts with friends, family, colleagues, and followers is made effortless with ZenPrompts.

It provides simple sharing options and collaboration features, allowing your ideas to reach a broader audience. To streamline prompt creation, ZenPrompts introduces the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) method by using dynamic variables in your prompts.

This approach ensures prompt structures are clean and efficient by reducing redundancy.Furthermore, ZenPrompts supports documentation by enabling you to add comments to your prompts.

This feature helps preserve development insights, facilitates future modifications or reproductions, and keeps your prompts organized and intelligible for reference.Overall, with ZenPrompts, you can elevate your prompt engineering skills, compare and showcase your prompts, experiment without losing work, share your ideas, streamline creation with the DRY method, and document your prompt design process.


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Aug 28, 2023
Usage limits include the three sample prompts (lame) and requires that I input my own API key, which considering there is evidently a paid version you would think they would have handled for you (or promised as much with enough sign ups) since some of us aren't rolling in dough and collective bargaining economies of scale always means better prices.

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Pros and Cons


Powerful prompt editor
Prompt portfolio builder
Minimalist portfolio showcasing
Multiple prompt versions
Easy prompt sharing
Collaboration features
DRY method support
Prompts documentation
User-friendly interface
Clean layouts
Reduces redundancy
Preserve development insights
Facilitates future modifications
Keeps prompts organized
Free during beta
Bring your own API key


No offline capability
Minimalist platform may limit visualisation
Lack of version history
No multi-user collaboration features
No autosave functionality in editor
No integration with other tools
No Dark mode available
Limited documentation
Share function may lack privacy

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