Task automation 2021-11-02
Streamlined developer task management and collaboration.
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Zigi is an AI-powered personal assistant designed for developers to increase workflow efficiency and productivity by automating non-coding tasks. The tool integrates with popular software like Slack, Jira, and Github, and examines daily workflows to identify pertinent actionable items that need attention.

Zigi's main objective is to streamline task management and collaboration, providing a complete overview of all tasks in one place, and presenting relevant information to team members in real-time.

In addition, Zigi allows developers to personalize their settings by customizing notification types and messages' frequency, ensuring that only important information matches their workflow.

Zigi is designed for developers who work in growing R&D departments and require ongoing collaboration with multiple different functions, making it easy for them to prioritize tasks and manage their workflow.

It is also easy to install, with low administrative overhead, and has a satisfactory privacy and security policy. Zigi's utility can be deemed a very useful productivity tool, in particular, for developers working in teams and attempting to balance non-coding tasks while focusing on coding and innovation.

Zigi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines developer task management
Improves collaboration efficiency
Integrates with Slack, Jira, Github
Identifies actionable items
Provides complete task overview
Real-time information updates
Customizable notifications settings
Easy installation
Low administrative overhead
Strong privacy and security policy
Helps prioritize tasks
Automates non-coding tasks
Designed for growing R&D departments
Facilitates team coordination
Improves productivity
Helps balance coding and non-coding tasks
Supports remote and asynchronous collaboration
Checks Jira and Github activity
Correlates tickets and updates statuses
Supports PR process
Delivers daily focus list
Identifies blockers
Supports multi-location teams
Handles workflow tasks from Slack
Fast installation
User-level permissions
Doesn’t read or store code
Automatic learning of org workflow
Filters relevant tasks
All-in-one tool for Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket
Adjustable message frequency
Supports individual developers and teams
ISO 27001/27017 & Soc 2 Type 2 certified
GDPR compliant
Aid in workload management
Helpful for remote teams
Free for individual developers
Facilitates asynchronous development
Helps communicate achievements
Doesn’t measure performance


Limited third-party integrations
No standalone application
Dependent on Slack
Limited customization options
Performance not measureable
Doesn't support Bitbucket
No on-premise option
No multi-language support
Automatic workflow learning may miscategorize
No free version for teams


What kind of tasks can Zigi automate for developers?
How does Zigi increase workflow efficiency and productivity?
Which software does Zigi integrate with?
Can Zigi help developers manage tasks in real-time?
Can Zigi's notifications be customized?
Is Zigi suitable for developers working in growing R&D departments?
What does the installation process of Zigi look like?
Is Zigi a productivity tool for individual developers or for teams?
Does Zigi have any privacy and security policy?
What kind of tasks does Zigi streamline on slack?
Can Zigi manage PR related issues?
How does Zigi help in collaboration on PRs from multiple locations?
Does Zigi support remote teams?
Can Zigi be personalized according to my settings?
Does Zigi require admin permissions for installation?
How does Zigi correlate tickets and update their statuses?
Is Zigi compatible with my current workflow?
How does Zigi improve collaborative tasks for developers in teams?
How does Zigi help developers manage their daily routine?
Does Zigi handle only non-coding tasks or can it manage coding tasks as well?


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