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Capture insights directly from your customers at key moments.
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Zigpoll is a survey and feedback platform targeted at businesses looking to collect zero-party data from their customers. Through this interactive tool, businesses can create and deliver post-purchase surveys, email capture campaigns, and polls & forms at different stages of the customer journey such as pre-purchase, post-fulfillment, and at instances of abandoned checkout.

The tool can further be employed to optimize a business's website, launch new products and build useful customer segments. Zigpoll offers multiple question formats and the ability to analyze a business's feedback data through intuitive dashboards, multiple charts and reporting features.

Equipped with advanced targeting rules, third party integrations, template variables, and multilanguage translation possibilities, Zigpoll seeks to effectively engage the customers at the right time and place.

Automation features include an AI assistant trained on a user's response data to identify open-ended response trends and provide actionable insights. Zigpoll offers easy setup for platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce & Wordpress and is available for use in various pricing tiers to accommodate different needs.

Zigpoll was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Zero-party data collection
Post-purchase surveys
Email capture campaigns
Interactive polls and forms
No-code setup for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wordpress
Multiple question formats
Branching logic in surveys
Incentives for customer engagement
Intuitive analytics dashboard
Advanced targeting rules
Third-party integrations
Sending surveys via email, SMS, on-site
Multiple pricing options
Free Lite version for starters
Helpful blog with examples and tips
Pre-purchase and post-fulfillment feedback
Abandoned checkout feedback
Website optimization
Product launch feedback
Building customer segments
Multilanguage translation for surveys
Automatic translations based on customer's language preferences
Template variables for personalization
High response rate claim
Detailed reporting features
SMS survey options
Branching logic can reward interactions
Collect demographic and lifestyle data
Scheduler provides insights on meaningful sample set
White label support in all plans
Possibility of hiding Zigpoll branding
24/7 support in Pro plan
Copywriting support in Plus and Pro plans
Including team members in plans
Option to send emails in all paid plans
Automatic delivery of translated surveys
Automatic trend spotting in feedback
Options to customize survey style
Installation support for Basic and above plans
Unlimited responses in Pro plan
Built-in auto-translate feature
SMS messages on Plus and Pro plans
Track response trends over time
Automatic insight scheduling


Limited ecommerce platform integration
No mobile app
No android support
Limited plan features
Potential language translation errors
Limited third-party integrations
May overlook customer subtleties
Restricted team member access
Doesn't hide Zigpoll branding on lower-tier plans


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What are the pricing options available for Zigpoll?
Can I use Zigpoll for free?
What kind of data does Zigpoll collect through post-purchase surveys?
How does Zigpoll help gather feedback from abandoned checkouts?
How does Zigpoll's multilanguage translation feature work?
How can Zigpoll help me launch new products?
Which third-party platforms can Zigpoll integrate with?
How does Zigpoll's AI assistant help identify open-ended response trends?
What kind of customer segments can Zigpoll help me build?
How effective is Zigpoll in increasing customer response rates?
What kind of insights can Zigpoll's AI chat interface provide?

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