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Data exploration, analysis, and visualization on mobile.
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Zing Data is a platform for mobile-first business intelligence that allows organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their data. With native mobile apps and web accessibility, Zing Data enables anyone within the organization to quickly and easily obtain answers to their questions.

The platform features a variety of tools for querying data, including natural language question asking and visual querying. This means that users can either ask questions in plain language or utilize a drag-and-drop interface to explore their data visually.Zing Data offers several key functionalities that enhance data analysis.

These include real-time alerts, allowing users to receive notifications and emails when data changes or reaches specific thresholds. Additionally, location-based querying enables users to query data based on their current location and visualize it on a map.Collaboration is a central aspect of Zing Data, fostering teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Shared questions and chat capabilities allow teammates to learn from one another and make data actionable. Users can also fine-tune shared charts and export data for further analysis.The platform supports multiple data sources, such as Postgres, Snowflake, and Google Sheets, ensuring that data from various systems can be seamlessly integrated and analyzed in a unified view.

Zing Data also offers smart visualizations based on data types, delivering fast results and optimizing queries.Zing Data is available on iOS, Android, and the web, making it accessible for users regardless of their preferred device.


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