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Analyzes and summarizes meetings.
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Zoom is a collaboration tool that offers a suite of features to modernize workflows for teams. The platform includes video meetings, team chat, VoIP phone, webinars, whiteboard, contact center, and events.

It offers hybrid and virtual events with Zoom Events for impactful virtual experiences. Zoom also offers innovative video solutions for every meeting space with Zoom Rooms, which brings meeting spaces online, and Zoom Spaces, which offers solutions for every space.

The platform also includes Zoom Contact Center, an omnichannel cloud solution optimized for video with tools like cloud contact center and virtual agents to engage customers and deliver intelligent support with conversational AI.

Additionally, Zoom provides services for all design, strategy, implementation, event, and hardware needs for expert support. Zoom has an open platform that allows developers to build Zoom apps and integrations.

The platform also includes resources such as Docs & Guides to build on Zoom's platform using APIs, Webhooks, and SDKs, and Developer Tools to evaluate and build with their solutions.

Zoom has a Partner Program that brings Zoom's communications platform to market through alliance, sales, and service partnerships, and provides access to marketing and sales resources in the Partner Portal.


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Zoom IQ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes and summarizes meetings
Includes video meetings
Features team chat
Capable of VoIP phone
Offers webinars
Embeds whiteboard
Contact center included
Virtual event hosting
Hybrid event hosting
Video solutions for meeting spaces
Cloud contact center optimized for video
Can host Impactful virtual experiences
Provider of expert support services
Allows developers to build Zoom apps
Provide Zoom integrations
Has open platform with Docs & Guides
Includes Developer Tools
Features Partner Program with alliance, sales, and service partnerships
Access to marketing and sales resources
Virtual working spaces
Zoom Contact Center
Zoom Spaces
Zoom Rooms
Flexibility with hybrid and virtual events
Optimized for video service
Rich conversation analytics
Offers resources for building on Zoom's platform
Hardware as service subscription plans
Comes with a Developer Forum
Provides global services
Offers cloud contact center
Have zoom marketplace
Conferencing in connected conference rooms
Contact center solution optimized for video
Provides online webinars
Event hosting with Zoom events
Integrations and apps with open platform
Online team chats
Provides virtual meeting space
Platform solutions for developers
Offers Customer Managed Key
Large apps in Zoom App Marketplace


Limited transcription accuracy
Lacks offline functionality
Reliance on stable internet
Occasional lags in service
High bandwidth requirement
Limited whiteboard features
Limited customization options
Complicated interface for beginners
Subpar sound quality
Limited customer service response


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Does Zoom IQ Meeting support different languages in its transcription?
Can Zoom IQ Meeting analyze virtual whiteboard usage during a meeting?
Does Zoom IQ Meeting offer specialized tools for customer support?
Can Zoom IQ Meeting be integrated into other softwares with Zoom's open platform?
Are there any training resources included for new users of Zoom IQ Meeting?
What kind of support does Zoom offer for technical issues with Zoom IQ Meeting?
Can I use Zoom IQ Meeting for analyzing education sector meetings?
Is there a free trial version for Zoom IQ Meeting?
How safe and secure is the usage of Zoom IQ Meeting?
How can I access and implement insights gained from Zoom IQ Meeting analysis?
Does Zoom IQ Meeting work with the VoIP phone system?
What's included in the Zoom IQ Meeting's virtual agent feature?

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