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Your assistant for academic essay outlines.
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Sample prompts:
Outline an essay on 'The Future of Renewable Energy'.
Create an outline for an essay about 'The Evolution of AI'.
Draft an outline for 'The Role of Technology in Education'.
Generate an essay outline on 'The Ethics of Genetic Engineering'.
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Academic Essay is a GPT specifically designed to assist in the formation of essay outlines. Created by Naif J Alotaibi, this particular AI application is built upon the foundation of ChatGPT.

It primarily caters towards academic contexts, aiming to help users draft robust outlines for their essays on a diverse range of subjects. The main utility of this tool becomes apparent as it smoothly generates structured outlines for essays on various topics, from 'The Future of Renewable Energy' and 'The Evolution of AI' to 'The Role of Technology in Education' and 'The Ethics of Genetic Engineering'.

Over time, the tool continually learns and improves, providing users with insightful, coherent, and carefully drawn up essay outlines, thereby streamlining their academic assignments.

Moreover, it offers an approachable alternative to traditional methods of brainstorming and outlining, incorporating cutting-edge AI technology to facilitate an efficient planning stage for essay writing.

Note that to utilize this tool, registration and access to ChatGPT Plus are required.


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