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The 'Agence SEO Genve' GPT is a tool designed for website optimization in relation to search engine parameters, with a notable focus on Google's natural search engine optimization.

This tool serves a wide range of SEO-oriented capabilities, aimed at both improving site visibility in search engine results and enhancing user experience.

The primary functions of this GPT include conducting SEO audits of websites, researching keywords relevant to a site's content, and devising positioning strategies.One of the critical features is the website SEO audit where this GPT analyses the website's current SEO efficiency.

By identifying potential improvements in the site's design, content, and technical factors, it provides insights that can be leveraged to improve search engine recognition and ranking.The keyword research function of the GPT helps websites to construct content that aligns with trending searches.

This subsequently ensures that the site stays relevant in its respective field, attracts wider traffic, and enhances its organic ranking.The positioning strategy component of this GPT is aimed at helping users understand and map their website's current positioning within the market.

It helps to prompt strategic decision-making with a view to improving website rankings on search engine result pages.In summary, this tool is best described as a comprehensive solution for SEO needs, adhering to the parameters of natural search engine optimization.

Through the evaluation and improvement of site visibility, and by driving strategic development, 'Agence SEO Genve' GPT contributes to the overall SEO effectiveness of a website.


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