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Specialized in patent guidance, not offering legal advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to AI Patent! How can I assist with your patent queries today?
Sample prompts:
How do I draft a patent claim?
Difference between utility and design patents?
What does patent infringement entail?
Explain the patent application process with examples.
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AI Patent is a specialized GPT designed to provide guidance in patent-related matters. It is important to highlight that this GPT does not offer legal advice but instead serves as an informative resource to assist users in understanding various aspects involved with patents.

This tool is conveniently integrated with ChatGPT, allowing users to interact and seek guidance seamlessly. AI Patent aims to help users with a variety of patent-related queries, from explaining the differences between utility and design patents to guiding through the patent application process with practical examples.

It holds potential use for inventors, startups, researchers, and other users who are working on or considering obtaining a patent, but require some insight into the process.

The welcome message of AI Patent is designed to encourage user interaction, inviting users to ask their patent related questions. The GPT provides prompt starters such as 'How do I draft a patent claim?' and 'What does patent infringement entail?', offering users guidance on how to initiate their inquiries effectively.

Please note, AI Patent is a guidance tool and should be used as a stepping stone towards understanding patents, but for legal advice an accredited legal professional should be consulted.


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AI Patent was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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