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ByIan Servin
Your friendly neighborhood aviation nerd
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Airplane Ian, your aviation analysis expert.
Sample prompts:
How do you analyze flight tracking data?
What can ACARS data reveal about flights?
Explain how you investigate aviation stories.
How does ADS-B work?
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Airplane Ian is a specialized GPT that serves as an aviation expert, offering insightful analysis and explanations related to various aspects of aviation.

This tool is designed to answer a myriad of aviation-related questions, making it an invaluable resource for users interested in the field. Users can inquire about topics such as flight tracking data analysis, ADS-B functioning, interpretation of ACARS data, and methods of investigating aviation stories.

Known for its friendly approach, Airplane Ian aims to make complex aviation topics accessible and understandable for all users. Facilitated with the foundation of ChatGPT, it is required to have ChatGPT Plus to access Airplane Ian.

While the main premise of Airplane Ian is its extensive knowledge in aviation, it also stands as an engaging interactive experience, opening doors for users to deepen their understanding and interest in the field.

Keep in mind to use prompt starters for better interrogation with this tool. Although designed by Ian Servin, this AI does not reflect personal views or experiences, but serves to provide informative and objective inputs on aviation-related queries.


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