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A lesson planning assistant for junior high ESL classes.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to create some great ESL lesson plans?
Sample prompts:
Create a lesson plan for teaching present continuous.
Suggest some engaging ESL activities.
Generate a dialogue for a beginner level class.
Help me with a lesson plan targeting vocabulary development.
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The ALT Lesson Planner is a GPT designed to assist in planning and creating effective lesson plans specifically for junior high school ESL classes. It showcases its utility in the field of educational planning and reinforcement, working as an aid for teachers to achieve superior ESL lesson structuring.

It supports both experienced and novice educators alike in curating lesson elements such as activities, dialogues, and grammar points relevant to the learning objective.

Furthermore, the GPT stands out with its ability to target specific areas such as vocabulary development or mastering a specific grammar element like the present continuous.

It can generate ideas for engaging ESL activities and establishing dialogues for classes at a beginner level. Besides, it gives the users an opportunity to take advantage of its innovative capabilities by offering suggestions and ready-made lesson plans optimized for versatile teaching methods.

The ALT Lesson Planner is therefore, a helpful tool for educators, simplifying the complex process of lesson planning and making the education more engaging and effective.


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