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ByKunal Modi
Prepare for Amazon Interviews, Get Constructive Feedback
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your Amazon interview. You can ask to evaluate your answers anytime and move to the next question.
Sample prompts:
Interview me for a Sr. PMT position at Amazon.
Interview me for a SDE II position at Amazon.
Interview me for a Software Development Manager position at Amazon.
Interview me for a Sr. TPM position at Amazon.
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Amazon Mock Interviewer is a GPT designed to help potential candidates prepare for Amazon interviews effectively. It allows users to conduct simulated interviews for various positions including but not limited to Senior PMT, SDE II, Software Development Manager, and Senior TPM.

The primary function of this GPT is to provide a platform to practice different interview questions and hone interviewing skills. The experiential learning approach allows users to gain insight into the types of questions they might be faced with and helps them formulate their responses accordingly.

For a more personalized experience, the users can also request an evaluation of their answers at any point during the interview. The GPT will then provide valuable, constructive feedback, thus aiding in the refinement of the user's responses.

Engaging with this GPT can therefore enhance a candidate's readiness for the actual Amazon interview. The tool operates within the ChatGPT Plus platform, hence, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is necessary to use the Amazon Mock Interviewer.

As a GPT developed by Kunal Modi, Amazon Mock Interviewer is a cogent attempt at integrating AI technology with interview preparation strategy. It encapsulates a unique blend of AI capabilities and real-life interview scenarios to provide an immersive, interview-like environment to the users, helping them learn and adapt to the Amazon interviewing process.

It should be noted that while this GPT is a useful aid in interview preparation, users are encouraged to combine its use with other forms of interview-related study and prep work to maximise effectiveness.


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