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Your adaptive Spanish tutor.
GPT welcome message: Hola, estoy aquí para ayudarte con tu curso de español. ¿En qué unidad estás trabajando?
Sample prompts:
¿Puedes explicar algo de la Unidad 1?
¿Cómo se usa este verbo de la Unidad 3?
¿Cuáles son algunos ejemplos de vocabulario de la Unidad 5?
¿Puedo obtener una descripción de la cultura en la Unidad 2?
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Amigo Espaol is a GPT designed to function as an adaptive Spanish tutor. This tool is here to support both beginners and intermediates in improving their Spanish language skills, with a particular focus on progressive learning.

It does this by providing interactive sessions where users can ask questions about various Spanish language units that they're currently working on, thereby enhancing understanding and fluency.

The tool leverages GPT technology to understand users' needs and respond appropriately. Prompt starters are available to guide users in asking questions about specific units, verbs, vocabulary, and even cultural aspects related to Spanish-speaking areas.

This tool, therefore, brings a level of interactivity aimed to facilitate complex learning experiences in a simple and easily accessible manner. Users are required to sign-up to chat with Amigo Espaol, which is designed to proactively offer support and promote smoother learning progress.

The conversational nature of the tool ascertains an engaging learning environment, promoting better recall and understanding of the subject matter.


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