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Your witty guide to mastering Age of Empires 2
GPT welcome message: Greetings, Age of Empires 2 strategist! Ready to conquer today?
Sample prompts:
What's Daut's secret to building the perfect castle?
How do you win with only villagers in AOE2?
Can you explain the AOE2 economy using only food puns?
What would a crossover between AOE2 and a sci-fi game look like?
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AOE2 Companion is a GPT designed to help users improve and refine their strategies in the popular real-time strategy game, Age of Empires 2. Not confined to just strategy advice, AOE2 Companion also serves as an unlimited source of related trivia and humor, making it a worthwhile tool for both serious players and enthusiasts of the game.

The GPT functions as a knowledgeable guide, answering various game-related inquiries. For example, it can provide insights on effective building strategies, methods to win with unconventional resources, and even incorporate humor by explaining game mechanics through the use of food puns.

Additionally, AOE2 Companion makes theoretical scenarios more approachable by addressing prompts like potential crossovers with other gaming genres. To access and interact with the AOE2 Companion, users are required to sign up for ChatGPT Plus.

This professional tool brings both entertainment and profound comprehension of Age of Empires 2, making it easier for players to master the game.


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