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Providing creative ideas and practical advice for interior decoration.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Comment puis-je vous aider avec votre décoration intérieure aujourd'hui?
Sample prompts:
Quel style de décoration conviendrait à mon salon?
Comment puis-je maximiser l'espace dans ma petite cuisine?
Quelles couleurs devrais-je choisir pour une chambre apaisante?
Avez-vous des idées pour un bureau à domicile inspirant?
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Artiste d'Intrieur is a GPT designed to provide creative ideas and practical advice on interior decoration. Developed by Amina ELTMALI, this intelligent tool aims to aid users in revamping their living or working spaces according to their personal tastes and requirements.

It is highly interactive, encouraging users to ask specific questions about their interior design dilemmas. Users can seek advice on various topics, ranging from choosing the right color scheme for a calming bedroom to finding inspiration for a productive home office.

Artiste d'Intrieur is proficient in providing helpful suggestions on how to maximize space in areas like small kitchens. It can also assist in determining the appropriate decoration style suitable for different rooms such as living rooms.

The user-friendly interface and the personalization feature in this GPT make it an ideal companion for people looking to transform their interior spaces.

It does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating a premium level of AI offerings and support.


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