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Automated Cover Letter & Resume is a GPT that streamlines and personalizes the process of writing cover letters and preparing resumes. It is designed to assess job offers and resumes, automating the generation of custom cover letters.

Utilizing a two-click mechanism, this GPT simplifies the custom cover letter creation process by automatically analyzing a job applicant's resume and the job position they are applying for.Moreover, this technology includes a unique feature that identifies gaps in the applicant's resume for the specified position.

This functionality enhances the possibility of positioning the resume more prominently among other applications by ensuring it matches the skills and qualifications required by the employer.In addition to generating cover letters and identifying gaps, this GPT has the capability to analyze and improve resumes.

It examines the resume content, formatting, and arrangement and provides suggestions for optimization.The use of GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating this tool operates as a layer or 'app' built on top of OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT.

Therefore, some of the functions include writing a cover letter, interpreting a job advertisement, pinpointing the gaps in the user's resume for a particular position, and reviewing and enhancing a resume.

This GPT is operated by AEROCONTACT SARL, suggesting that it has been particularly designed with a focus on job searching and application processes. It is a comprehensive tool that covers different aspects of job application preparation, from creating a compelling cover letter to improving a resume, thus maximizing the chances of catching the employer's attention and improving the user-employer match.


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