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Improve your French with grammar and spelling exercises.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Ready for some French exercises?
Sample prompts:
Donne moi un exercice de Grammaire en Français.
Quels sujets puis-je réviser ?
Suggère un challenge de Grammaire.
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Bienvenue au Bled is a GPT that provides exercises centred on French language, specifically focused on spelling and grammar. These exercises are designed to assist users in improving their proficiency in the French language with a keen approach towards enhancing both their understanding and application of core French grammar and spelling norms.

This GPT not only presents exercises but also helps stimulate user interactions through prompts, offering structured guidance for users to request a French grammar exercise, inquire about the range of topics available for revision, or even suggest a grammar challenge.

Remember, the usage of this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus. Developed by, Bienvenue au Bled offers a unique and productive way of learning and mastering the nuances of French language.

Do note, as this GPT focuses primarily on French spelling and grammar, a basic understanding of French is suggested for users to make the most of this tool.


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