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AI bot that explains English conversations in Japanese.
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Bot is a GPT designed to assist users in practicing English conversation skills. It operates on top of ChatGPT and serves as a niche application targeting non-native English speakers, specifically Japanese-speaking individuals.

The bot aims to ease the process of language acquisition, focusing on the conversational aspect of English. One of its distinctive features is its capacity to isolate and explain only the mistaken parts of the users' English sentences in Japanese.

This provides users with a targeted language learning experience, helping them identify their weak points and improve their grammatical accuracy and language fluency.

It should be noted that usage of it requires ChatGPT Plus. To use the bot, a user should initiate or end a conversation using specific command phrases.

Upon welcoming a user, it encourages them to practice their English. Bot, therefore, presents a valuable tool for English language learners, delivering personalized feedback and fostering active language use, all while ensuring an engaging and interactive learning experience.


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