A mentor for mastering LeetCode, improving code and planning strategy.
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Sample prompts:
How can I improve my code for this LeetCode problem?
What data structure should I use here?
Can you help me understand this problem better?
I'm new to LeetCode, what plan should I follow?
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Brayk is a GPT specifically designed to assist users in mastering LeetCode, a popular platform for preparing for technical coding interviews. This GPT not only provides guidance in improving code quality but also emparts knowledge on advanced coding techniques and strategic planning relevant to solving problems on the platform.

Brayk serves as a mentor, aiming to improve the users' coding skills and their understanding of efficient problem-solving strategies. The GPT's functionalities are implemented using conversational AI models.

To use Brayk, users need to engage in interaction with the tool through prompts and questions, as though conversing with a personal mentor. Example prompts could be 'How can I improve my code for this LeetCode problem', 'What data structure should I use here', or 'Can you help me understand this problem better'.

For beginners, there's also guidance on how to structure their LeetCode learning journey. Brayk is available to users through the sign up process within the linked portal and may require a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for usage.


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