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Your expert on cannabis strains, effects, and advice.
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Sample prompts:
Name 5 morning Sativa strains for the weekend
Is THC legal in my State?
What's a good edible dose for a novice?
Is smoking THC the same as ingesting THC?
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Bud Genius is a GPT designed to provide expert knowledge about cannabis strains, their effects, and legal advice. Its fundamental role is to serve as a virtual budtender assistant, equipped with detailed information on various cannabis components, consumption methods, doses, and the legality of these substances in different regions.

Furthermore, Bud Genius is capable of recommending specific strains according to personal preferences or particular situations, such as suggesting Sativa strains suitable for morning use during the weekend.

In terms of handling legal concerns, it can educate users on the legality of THC in different states, thus promoting responsible and informed use of cannabis.

The GPT can also guide novice users about suitable edible doses, and provide insights into different effects that might result from diverse consumption methods, such as the possible variances in effects of smoking THC compared to ingesting it.

All these features render Bud Genius a useful educational tool for anyone exploring or engaging with cannabis-related products, contributing to safety and awareness within the space.

Its important to note that Bud Genius requires ChatGPT Plus for operation.


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Bud Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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