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Analytical expert in private investigations and data analysis on Israeli companies.
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Sample prompts:
How can I analyze a company's legal risks?
Tell me about the latest business trends in Israel.
Generate a report on a company's financial health.
Provide insights on a company's social media reputation.
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Business Intel Pro is a GPT developed by It specializes in private investigations and extensive data analysis on Israeli companies. As a business analysis tool, its function extends to various facets of business evaluation.

It offers insights into legal risks associated with a company, current market trends within Israel, the financial health of a company, and even their reputation on social media.

This GPT operates as a pivotal resource for understanding the complexities and subtleties of doing business in Israel or with Israeli companies. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms to execute deep dives into the provided data, thus generating actionable business intelligence.

Riding on the robust capabilities of ChatGPT Plus, Business Intel Pro allows users to ask highly specific queries from dissecting a company's legal outlook to understanding current business patterns to evaluating a company's financial standing.

Furthermore, it can provide detailed analysis on a company's social media reputation. Whether the motivation is to shape strategy, inform decision making, or understand potential business risk areas, Business Intel Pro can support a broad spectrum of business analytical needs.

As an artificial intelligence application, it presents the advantage of real-time analytics and data-driven insights, aimed at providing a competitive advantage in the world of business intelligence.


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